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Sewing Machine

Social and Community Activities

Book Group (Face to Face or Zoom) - Join our Book Group, connect with other like-minded book lovers and discuss the books we enjoy reading. Zoom link can be sent to your email. Monday – Oct 2, Nov 6, Dec 4 3:00pm – 4:00pm Cost $8.00 per session.

Australian Sewing Guild - meets 2nd Saturday 10am-4pm each month to sew and swap ideas.  Bring your sewing machine or overlocker. $8.00 per session.  For more info contact

Coloured Threads Knitting - meets 2nd Saturday 2pm-5pm each month.  All knitting abilities welcome.  $2.00 per session.  For more info contact the group facilitator Vicky Petsinis on 0421 966 476.

Learn to Play Bridge - Instruction workshops with volunteer leader, David Kuchmar.  No experience necessary.  Tuesdays 1:15pm-3:30pm.  Cost $2.00 per session.

International Womens Group - Meets every Thursday at Living and Learning @ Ajani. Activities include outings, guest speakers and interesting workshops. The group does not meet during school holidays. Thursdays from Oct 5 – 10:15am - 12:15pm - Cost $7.00 per session. Agendas are planned for each term so phone us on 9850 3687 for details.

Applique Guild of Australia - meet at Living and Learning @ Ajani the 4th Saturday of the month.  New members welcome! Phone 0417 897 657 for further details.


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