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8 March, 2022

At the council meeting held on December 14 2021 the community partnership grants were approved where the collective funding to the 5 Neighbourhood Houses in Manningham was reduced by 40%. This recurrent funding has allowed programs to be established and facilitated giving us, the community, the opportunity to participate in activities and meet other community members with similar interests. 

The reduction in funding means a reduction in programs and activities. This will mean community members will no longer have the opportunity to attend our activities, connect with each other in this friendly welcoming environment. As Manningham residents we feel disadvantaged by the actions of council to reduce the funding which has for many years supported the activities at the five Neighbourhood Houses in Manningham. There is nowhere else we can go to find a program such as the one we attend at these Neighbourhood Houses. These programs meet our needs and help us to engage with and connect to other like minded people.

We have developed many friendships and networks over the years through the Centres which we cherish and have sustained our emotional and social wellbeing. We are extremely disappointed this has now been placed in jeopardy due to the dramatic decrease in council funding. 

The Council Plan 2021-2025 and the Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021-2025 seek to improve social and emotional wellbeing, increase active living and increase connection to and engagement with community life. The Neighbourhood Houses in Manningham are best placed to deliver services and activities to meet all these goals. 

Please help us by signing the petition -  CLICK HERE.

We are asking Manningham Council to reinstate the funding to the Neighbourhood Houses in Manningham. 

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