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Food and Cooking

Gnocchi Workshop

Fun gnocchi making and sampling workshop making gnocchi from scratch the Italian way.

Sourdough Breadmaking Level 1

Learn to make your own delicious sourdough at home with this simple recipe.  
You will learn all the steps to making a great loaf and take home dough to bake.

Sourdough Breadmaking Level 2

Expand your knowledge of sourdough breadmaking to add fruit, seeds, olives, parmesan to loaves and learn to make different shapes, focaccia and ciabatta.

French Patisserie - Macarons Level 1

An intimate workshop with only four participants. Our French pastry chef will pass on her technique for making macarons. Bring an apron.

French Patisserie - Macarons Level 2

Extend your macaron making skills to make two fillings, different shapes, and bi-colour macarons.

French Patisserie - Fraisier

Learn to make fraisier, a traditional French dessert, with fresh strawberries, genoise sponge, diplomat cream, and strawberry syrup.

Dumpling Workshop

A hands-on workshop teaching you how to make dumplings folded into 3 different shapes.

Fettuccine Workshop

Join us for a fun, fresh fettucine making workshop!  Learn to make and sample fettucine with an authentic Italian carbonara sauce.

French Patisserie - Croquembouche

Learn the art of making croquembouche.
Starting with how to make the choux pastry and the crème patisserie and then how to cook toffee and build the croquembouche.

Food and Cooking: Services

Cooking Tutors - We Need You!

If you have an idea for a cooking course/workshop, just let us know.

We have a well appointed commercial kitchen to teach classes in.

Phone us on 9850 3687 or email us on

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